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UCD recognizes David McCourt’s “lifetime in citizen diplomacy”

Founder and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, David McCourt, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Economic Science by University College Dublin. The award recognized his contributions to technology and innovation and a lifetime in citizen diplomacy.

Granahan McCourt and Asterion Partner to Deliver Ireland’s National Broadband Plan

Granahan McCourt, the company behind NBI, is pleased to announce its partnership with Asterion Industrial Partners, a pan European long term infrastructure investment manager, to deliver Ireland’s National Broadband Plan.

David McCourt wins Businessman of the Year at Chambers Ireland Recognition Awards

National Broadband Ireland Chairman is spearheading the largest Public Private Partnership in European telecoms

If the U.S. Doesn’t Embrace Universal Broadband, It Will Fall Behind Peers in the West

David McCourt writes in Nasdaq about what President Biden can learn from Ireland to make access to high speed broadband a birth right for all of the population

Connecting rural communities will transform Ireland

Granahan McCourt and NBI Chairman David McCourt discusses “the biggest investment in rural Ireland since rural electrification”

Long-term investment doesn’t just help the investors, it also helps the people who use the company’s products

David McCourt writes in the Irish Independent about the benefits of long-term investment

My business partnership with Walter Scott Jr. inspired me

Granahan McCourt’s David McCourt shares his memories of his mentor Walter Scott Jr with the Omaha World Herald

David McCourt: Ireland can show the world the way

David McCourt speaks with Business & Finance Magazine about how businesses must contribute to the community

David McCourt : How To survive and make money during the economic collapse

David talks to The Business Mentor Podcast about how times of crisis require a Total Rethink

Podcast: Granahan McCourt sign 5 Billion Dollar deal with Ireland to deliver high-speed fiber broadband to 100% of the population

David tells Don Witt of The Chanel Daily News how rural communities deserve the same advantages as urban areas

Why Entrepreneurs Should Act Like Revolutionaries with David McCourt

David talks to the Startup Van about how life for entrepreneurs might change after Coronavirus

Business Person of the Month November 2019: David McCourt

David McCourt is named by Business and Finance magazine as Novembers Business Person of the Month following the sucess of the National Broadband Ireland consortium.

Cabinet signs contract for National Broadband Plan

National Broadband Ireland (NBI), the company established by Granahan McCourt, signs a landmark State contract with the Irish Government to deliver the country’s National Broadband Plan.

Government support key to technological progress, says McCourt

David McCourt says Government support key to technological progress as he speaks at Science Foundation Ireland’s Science Summit

David McCourt caught up with the FT to talk all things business

David McCourt, the founder and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, catches up with the Financial Times team about his experience in business, where he likes to eat and about his business deals.

McCourt is a telecoms builder

Addressing an audience at the Science Foundation Ireland Science Summit, Mr McCourt said he is not a private equity guy, but is a telecoms builder.

NBP bidder McCourt set to sell Enet shares

Granahan McCourt, the lead figure in the sole remaining bidder for the National Broadband Plan project, is to sell its shares in the consortium telecoms firm enet.

David McCourt commented that the move is being done to “focus energy entirely” on the State-backed rural broadband rollout scheme.

The entrepreneur bringing broadband to all of Ireland

Irish-American entrepreneur David McCourt is aiming to be the man who will bring broadband to the entire island of Ireland.   He joined Ryan Tubridy to talk about his extraordinary life and his huge plans.  As regards the broadband, Ryan was curious, can he do it?

National Broadband Ireland submits Final Tender for delivery of the National Broadband Plan

National Broadband Ireland, the name associated with the Granahan McCourt led Consortium bidding for the National Broadband Plan (NBP), has today submitted its final tender to the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) for the delivery of the project.

‘When you have a bad deal, get out of it and move on’

David McCourt was featured by the Irish Independent in a new Q&A profiling his personality, business acumen and best-selling entrepreneurial book, Total Rethink.

Rethinking the revolution

David McCourt’s new book, Total Rethink, was featured by The Irish Times this morning. David’s discusses why he believes entrepreneurs must act like revolutionaries in order to make significant developments and change in the modern world.

David McCourt talks to The Guardian about entrepreneurial habits

David McCourt spoke to Emma Lunn at The Guardian about the launch of his new book Total ReThink, entrepreneurial habits, and about why he loves London.

Clubs need better social media data to rethink the football model

David McCourt talks about how football clubs can utilize social media data in more ways in order to rethink their models.

Stop thinking in straight lines or get left behind by the revolution

David McCourt spoke with City A.M. to promote his new book, Total Rethink, focusing on how businesses and entrepreneurs need to think differently to change the game.

Ireland’s €1.1bn national wholesale network to start building in September

David McCourt was speaking to Capacity’s Alan Burkitt-Gray to promote his new book, Total Rethink, which is already a best-seller in Ireland and launched last week in the UK.

Limerick firm will put ‘heart and soul’ into broadband plan

SLOW, cumbersome internet connections could soon be a thing of the past for Limerick families if Irish-American businessman David C. McCourt gets his way according to The Limerick Leader.

‘A cautious approach to risk may keep your career afloat – but it will never change the world’ showcase an extract of David McCourt’s brand new book, Total Rethink. The book details how a change of thinking is required from entrepreneurs in order to exact change, they must act more like revolutionaries in order to change the game and make an impact.

David McCourt launches Total Rethink in Ireland

The Irish Independent highlight David McCourt’s launch of his brand new book in Ireland called Total Rethink at the Merrion Hotel.

Total Rethink needed for today’s world

David McCourt, Chairman of Granahan McCourt Capital discusses his new book “Total Rethink” with The Clare Champion and  how he would really like to see his book help people challenge limiting beliefs they hold about themselves and their own abilities.

The Times

“Hollywood guys think they’re smart. It’s not hard”

David McCourt, Chairman of Granahan McCourt Capital, sat down with The Times to talk about his career so far and his recent endeavors, including the launch of his brand new book ‘Total Rethink.’

Europa League final: Why American businessmen have invested in clubs like Marseille and Liverpool

Marseille fans looking forward to tonight’s Europa League final against Atletico Madrid have soccer-playing school kids in the United States to thank, according to David McCourt, whose brother Frank has revived the club.

Capital to score jobs as McCourt brothers invest €10m in football platform Dugout

Enet boss David McCourt has invested close to €10m in the rapidly-growing British football content platform Dugout and is expected to centre much of the technical side of the business in Dublin.

‘We say Eir lost, not that they dropped out’: The National Broadband Plan’s last man standing

Enet chairman David McCourt talks about why he’s determined to see the project succeed.“It’s irrelevant to me what (competitors) are doing. What we need to do is stay focused on winning and stay focused on executing on a very ambitious project.” David McCourt told

David McCourt talks about upcoming book Total Rethink

David McCourt, Chairman of Granahan McCourt Capital sat down with Irish Independent journalist Fearghal O’Connor to reminisce about some of his career highlights and talk about his upcoming book Total Rethink.

‘The only tech company to rethink the sports model’ – why telecoms mogul David McCourt is backing digital football firm Dugout

David McCourt, chairman and chief executive of telecoms and media investment firm Granahan McCourt Capital, was the first person to be recognised for his services to business by the White House, is an award-winning entrepreneur, and has been described as a “telecoms revolutionary” by The Economist, spoke with City A.M. about his investment in Dugout.

David and Frank McCourt co-invest in sports media platform Dugout

Granahan McCourt Capital’s chairman David C. McCourt announced that he has co-invested alongside brother and owner of Marseille Football Club, Frank McCourt in leading sports video and media platform Dugout. Dugout will launch a joint venture with ALTV in Cairo to adapt its videos for Arabic speakers, and the deal will also allow Dugout to make use of the McCourts’ technology infrastructure to improve the stability of its streaming service.

Enet chairman David McCourt on rural Ireland’s broadband prospects

Adrian Weckler from the Irish Independent sat down with the Emmy award-winning Boston tycoon who is the last man standing in Ireland’s controversial National Broadband Plan – Enet chairman David McCourt.

David McCourt Awarded SFI St. Patrick’s Day Science Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Technology and Innovation

An Taoiseach TD, has presented Science Foundation Ireland’s (SFI) prestigious ‘St. Patrick’s Day Science Medal’ to David McCourt, Founder and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, the worldwide investors in technology, media and telecommunications, celebrating his significant contribution to technology and innovation across academia, research and industry.

David McCourt awarded prestigious St. Patrick’s Day science medal

Granahan McCourt Capital’s chairman and technology and telecoms entrepeneur David C. McCourt has been named the recipient of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day science medal. The annual SFI award is designed to recognise the outstanding contributions of Irish scientists, engineers or technologists living and working in the US to academia, research and industry.

Private Equity News

Telecoms investor David McCourt has ‘staid’ industries in his sights

Granahan McCourt Capital’s chairman David C. McCourt spoke with Private Equity News’ Jessica Davies about how investing in new technologies can disrupt traditional markets. In the interview, McCourt discussed his thoughts on investment strategies, and that businesses have to fundamentally disrupt the status quo to win in today’s climate.

Telecoms entrepreneur David McCourt tells Adrian Weckler that Enet’s new €100m plan to bring broadband to 115,000 homes may just be the start

Granahan McCourt Capital’s chairman David C. McCourt tells The Irish Independent about Enet’s new plan to bring broadband connectivity to homes in Ireland’s rural regions like Roscommon Town and Donegal Town.

Enet goes head-to-head with Eir for rural broadband contracts

Granahan McCourt Capital company, enet, has announced a new €100 million joint venture with energy firm SSE to supply 115,000 rural homes with fibre broadband over the next two years.

ALTV Partners With Dugout to Give Audiences in Middle East and North Africa Exclusive Behind the Scenes Football Action, one of the fastest growing free streaming services recently launched in the Middle East and North Africa(MENA), today announced its partnership with Dugout, the digital platform created to connect football fans with the world’s greatest clubs and players and deliver exclusive behind-the-scenes content and access.

The National

ALTV expands local video training and Middle East digital content to Dubai

ALTV is the Middle East’s most promising contender, but it is more than just a streaming site. Currently operating in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Lebanon, more than 50 per cent of ALTV’s content is produced by its members. It also offers film enthusiasts a platform to learn the trade, with video training available for everyone from those setting out to make their debut video to those seeking a route into full-time work.

State-backed IIF to acquire 78pc of Irish broadband firm Enet

Silicon Republic reports on the news that IIF acquires Enet to bring future-proofed connectivity services to Ireland. The Irish Infrastructure Fund (IFF) has acquired 78pc of broadband firm Enet in a move that values the company at up to €200m.

‘I love doing battle’: The tough guy who made $750m

BBC profile Granahan McCourt chairman David C. McCourt. Brian Morgan, professor of entrepreneurship at Cardiff Metropolitan University, says: “David McCourt is one of those entrepreneurs who has learned to successfully create and to navigate public-private partnerships in order to increase investment in mobile and cable connectivity in areas where it has traditionally been deemed as uneconomic.

ALTV launches hit user-generated show to new audiences in Morocco

ALTV, the fastest growing free streaming service for user-generated content recently launched in the Middle East and North Africa,  announced its launch of the first ever user-generated current events show in Morocco.

ALTV Launches First Ever User-Generated Daily Current Events Show in Egypt

ALTV, one of the fastest growing free streaming services recently launched in the Middle East and North Africa, is breaking new ground in the Egyptian broadcast arena with the success of the region’s first ever user-generated current events show.

Look at things a brand new way and be smart enough not to be afraid

David McCourt discusses the best way to invest both money and effort in businesses with Eliances Heroes host David Cogan. David and David talk technology in this segment, particularly how McCourt sold Corporate Communications Network to MFS Communications and eventually to WorldCom for $14.3 Billion.

The real $85 billion question – why isn’t telecoms treated like a utility?

Chairman of enet, David McCourt, argues that while legislators in the United States are searching for a new model to foster competition in telecoms market, they should be looking towards what’s already happening in Ireland.

ALTV boosts monetisation plan with Media Square

Media Square will support ALTV’s expanding digital video platform through the mediums of product placement, exclusive content sponsors and advertisements. The agency will be assigned with connecting brands with the opportunity to associate with ALTV’s locally produced flagship content.

David McCourt talks with University of Chicago students about his vision

David McCourt came to the University of Chicago Institute of Politics as the guest of IOP Fall Fellow Phil Revzin. Revzin and McCourt discussed the implications of Trump’s election for America’s global image and foreign policy. Before the event, McCourt sat down with the Gate’s Eileen Li to discuss his experience working for former House speaker Tip O’Neill, the challenges of starting his own company, and his vision for an independent third party.

The telecoms landscape in 2017

David McCourt, founder and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital recently sat down with Bloomberg’s Daybreak Europe. Known as a serial entrepreneur having bought and sold twenty different companies in nine different countries, he spoke to hosts Markus Karlsson and Caroline Hepker about whether President Elect Donald Trump’s win will be as fruitful for telecoms as it is expected to be for the infrastructural realm.


The real $85 billion question: Why isn’t telecoms treated like a utility?

David McCourt’s latest blog features on The Huffington Post about the wider impact of AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner. McCourt explains that the deal might change everything and the government must stop focusing on the wrong things and realize the real issues: force companies to split their local networks from their service business and trigger a new wave of innovation.


Full of Middle Eastern promise

Eric Neville, ALTV’s new COO talks with Fearghal O’Connor from The Sunday Business Post about his latest challenge. Eric is helping US businessman David McCourt in his attempt to conquer the Middle East’s digital content market from a redbrick Georgian office on Dublin’s Merrion Square.


Huge opportunity for telecoms in developing world

David McCourt, founder and chairman at Granahan McCourt Capital, discusses opportunities for telecoms companies in the developing world on CNBC Europe’s morning television show, Street Signs.


Connecting the unconnected with satellite

David McCourt talks about how to make telecoms provision viable in unconnected regions and how private partnerships can provide the answer in many regions of the world


Georgetown University appoints David C. McCourt to grow entrepreneurial credentials

David C. McCourt, founder and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, has been announced as the inaugural Executive in Residence for Entrepreneurial Economics and Innovation at Georgetown University. The new role will see serial technology, media and telecoms entrepreneur support the institution as global leader in entrepreneurship education.


ALTV launches mobile app for Android and iOS

ALTV, the recently launched free streaming service offering an exciting new way to watch Arabic video content has announced the release of its anticipated new mobile app. Available on both iOS and Android devices, the new app allows users to view and share their favourite programming anytime and anywhere, as well as quickly and conveniently find new and trending content ranging from sports coverage to comedy, film and game reviews, makeup tutorials and current events.


How Granahan McCourt Capital is working to drive global connectivity

Four billion people across the globe – both within and outside of the developing world – remain underserved or wholly unconnected. Investment firm Granahan McCourt Capital is working to drive global connectivity through government partnerships. VSat Global met with Chairman and CEO, David C. McCourt, also Chairman at Skyware Technologies, to hear more.


BBC World Service

Connecting the unconnected

David McCourt talks with Tanya Beckett on BBC’s Business Live, ‘Behind the Headlines’ show about connecting the world’s unconnected population, the current telecommunications trends and the investment opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa.


The billion dollar Boston mogul who aims to fix Irelands broadband

The 58-year-old sits on a telecoms and broadcast empire that has reportedly seen his net worth rise close to €1bn. He has Emmy awards. He has contracts from Mexico to Saudi Arabia. He has a partner who sits on the board of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment firm.


The cable guy: David C. McCourt on Ireland’s broadband future

One of America’s most successful telecoms, media and technology pioneers, David C McCourt has skin in the game when it comes to Ireland’s National Broadband Plan. As owner of Enet, one of three firms shortlisted to take on the plan, McCourt wants to bring his wholesale partnership model to the table.

David McCourt explains why micro-working vital, and why he’s so disappointed by Trump and Clinton

David McCourt started his first firm, McCourt Cable Systems, in 1982. An Emmy and EY World Entrepreneur winner, and the first person to be recognised for his services to business by the White House, since then, he’s founded or bought 20 companies in nine countries, spanning TV stations, telecoms and internet satellite firms. In 2012, his net worth was estimated to be $750m, and he has contracts running from Mexico to Saudi Arabia. “Everything we do must be replicable around the world. We don’t have any business where it only works in the UK, or Idaho. Everything is global, and everything must be in some kind of partnership with someone else.”

BBC World Service

David McCourt speaks on BBC World Service’s Business Live radio programme about the power shift across the globe

David McCourt, leading US business investor, chairman and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, speaks about the solutions he sees to the perceived chasms developing within US society.

David McCourt speaks with RTE Radio 1’s Mary Wilson on Drivetime about broadband in rural Ireland

For nearly 15 years rural Ireland has been promised high speed broadband……..the promises has been renewed again by this Government who say every home in Ireland will now have high speed connectivity by 2022. David McCourt speaks with Drivetime.

ALTV begins streaming video service with MENA rollout

Setting out to bring original content to what it feels are underserved areas of the globe, has begun transmission in the Middle East and North Africa. Backed by David McCourt, chairman and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, ALTV was unveiled at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin to an audience of content makers, creatives, politicians, diplomats and investors.

David McCourt speaks with Bloomberg on trends that are impacting the telecoms industry

David McCourt, Chairman and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital speaks on Bloomberg’s Taking Stock show with Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox, about the telecommunications landscape and the three biggest trends that will impact today’s telecom industries.

New joint-venture to build satellite equipment in Saudi Arabia

TAQNIA Space, Skyware and Crescent have signed a joint venture agreement in Saudi Arabia with KACST as the technology partner. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) is an independent Saudi scientific organization with a long experience in research and development. With its current scientific Saudi resources and technology experts, KACST is considered to be the main technology partner for the new venture in Saudi Arabia. This initiative is the product of a long standing relationship between Crescent Technologies founders Bandar M. Al-Saud and Omar A. Talib and Granahan McCourt Capital principal David McCourt, who have partnered together on multiple telecom, media and technology ventures.

Ex-Eircom boss Phil Nolan backing new bid for rollout of National Broadband Plan

In partnership with Enet owner Granahan McCourt, John Laing and 3i have emerged as the backers of a bid for the National Broadband Plan. Showcasing its capability to deliver the National Broadband Plan, Enet recently completed a 1 gigabit-per-second fibre broadband network in rural North Kerry.

Enet consortium to bid for broadband contract

The Enet consortium, including 3i, and a division of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway is bidding for the state-subsidised €1.5 billion National Broadband Plan. 3i and John Laing, the British public-private partnership specialist, are among the financial backers of the consortium. The other two members with equity stakes in the bidding consortium are Enet itself, and the telecoms private equity specialist Granahan McCourt, which is also a shareholder in the consortium that owns Enet.

Technology will transform Ireland quicker than we think

Despite the technology being readily available, many people across the world are still saddled with subpar or even no access to the internet. This has been a persistent problem not only in developing countries but across the developed world as well – even here in Ireland.

Innovation is handing connectivity to the people

Regulation, partnerships and connected people are the three biggest trends that will impact the telecoms industry in 2016. Much of this change will come from the developing world, while citing Uber and Airbnb as new companies wielding huge power with their access to customers.

Telecoms entrepreneur McCourt sees ‘technological power shift’ striking rural Europe, Mid-East, Africa and beyond

Enet, the largest alternative telecoms network in Ireland and part of Granahan McCourt Capital (GMC), recently celebrated the launch of two one gigabit-per-second fibre broadband networks in North Kerry and Mayo, two rural areas in western Ireland, as part of the country’s National Broadband Plan.

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