Granahan McCourt Capital, LLC. is a private investment firm focused on investments in the telecommunications and media industries.

We believe that there are significant investment opportunities when dramatic technological and regulatory events change the way in which products and services are delivered to the end customer.

For over 25 years, we have been investing in companies that exploit these technological and regulatory changes.   We have an active investment philosophy rooted in our unique talents and abilities, and anchored around the following principals:

  • We combine our unique industry experience with comprehensive due diligence to identify a company's absolute value.
  • We only invest in parts of the world that we know, understand and have had past successes. 
  • We invest in companies where we see a catalyst -- either natural or one that we can create -- that will unlock intrinsic shareholder value.   

At Granahan McCourt we make transformational investment to build long-term value. 

                    Click here to read about David McCourt our Founder and Chairman

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