Changing the broadband landscape in Ireland

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The recently announced National Broadband Plan (NBP) aims to radically change the broadband landscape in Ireland through government intervention which will ensure that all citizens and businesses have access to high speed broadband no matter where they live or work.

The scheme which proposes to connect over 750,000 rural homes and businesses throughout Ireland will see, once completed, every town and city in Ireland having access to a modern and reliable broadband network capable of supporting current and future generations. This plan should yield an ubiquitous, high quality broadband network – one that is not only future proofed, but also affordable, and offering real choice to its end users.

Since the announcement, Granahan McCourt and its subsidiary enet have been fully engaged in and supportive of the NBP process and we intend to bid for the scheme. We truly believe that the NBP can have a lasting effect on Irelands future by addressing our broadband issues once and for all, but only if it is done right!!

We believe that the network must be operated on a genuinely open access basis and that the State intervention must not remonopolise the access network. For some in the telecoms industry, ‘open access’ is the phrase du jour, but for us it’s been a way of life for over a decade.

Every day, we make it easier and more cost-effective for over 60 different telecoms service providers to offer world class broadband to end user homes and businesses across the country, and we are excited about this opportunity to take part in a project which will greatly improve our country’s economic prosperity.

To learn more, check out our short video below.

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